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Procurement Advisory Notices

Procurement Advisory Notices (PAN)

Procurement Advisory Notices (PANs) are brief informative documents developed to provide command policy and guidance to customers regarding specific contracting subject areas in accordance with Army contracting regulations

PAN 12-02 - Integration of AT and OPSEC into Contract Support Planning and Execution
PAN 13-02 - Appropriate Use of the Item Unique Identification (IUID) System 
APAN (Assistance/Procurement Advisory Notice)15-01 - Supporting Military Facilities' Costs when Performing Collaborative Research with Extramural Awardees;
PAN 16-03 - Vendor Engagement
PAN 16-04 - Antideficiency Violations and Reporting
PAN 16-06 - Preparation and Use of the Independent Government Cost Estimate
PAN 16-08 - USAMRMC Required Use of Army Network Enterprise Technology Command Blanket Purchase Agreements and Unified Capabilities Approved Product List for Network Infrastructure and Voice, Video and Data Products

PAN 17-04 - Administration and Surveillance of Service Contracts
PAN 17-05 - Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System Guidance for Contracting Officer Representatives 

PAN 20-01  Wide Area Workflow and the General Fund Enterprise Business System Supplier Self-Service

PAN 20-02 Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans (QASPs)

PAN 20-03 Nomination, Appointing, and Tracking Contracting Officer's Representatives and Monitoring Contractor Performance

PAN 20-04 Guidance on Processing Unauthorized Commitments

PAN 20-05 Government Furnished Property Procedures, Managing, and Tracking Requirements