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SF 425

SF 425

Procedure for Submission of the SF425

1. Complete the SF425 and save it in your system as a PDF. The form and instructions for completion are provided below for your convenience.

2. To submit a SF425 for a CDMRP-funded award, please submit HERE (eBRAP link)


2a. To submit a SF425 for all other awards, please submit HERE (USAMRAA link) and follow steps 3-7 below

3. Click on + New Item

4. Click Browse to upload a SF425 PDF

5. Click OK

6. Input DODAAC (W81XWH or DAMD17 , Fiscal Year, Type of contract and PIIN (Last 4 digits of the award number)

7. Click Save

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Contract/Grant Specialist assigned to the award.

Downloadable Forms

SF425 Form (With Instructions)


SF425 SF425.aspx