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Organization Chart

   Senior Contracting Official (SCO) - FCMR-CA

      The SCO operates under the delegated authority of the Head of Contracting Activity (HCA), ensuring that the acquisition and assistance agreement processes are performed in accordance with applicable regulations, supplements and directives; and ensuring surveillance over their performance.

Director - FCMR-AAZ- A

      The Office of the Director, USAMRAA, provides direct oversight and guidance as necessary to ensure acquisition and assistance agreement business solutions are provided to its customers.

Chief of Staff - FCMR-AAP

      Provides overall staff support to the SCO and all SCO functions and to the USAMRAA Director and all USAMRAA policy functions.

Chief, Business Operations - FCMR-AAA

      Oversees the contracting and assistance agreement functions for the SCO/Director. Plans, directs, and supervises the acquisition and assistance agreement processes.

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