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Organization Chart

Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting (PARC) - MCMR-CA

      The PARC operates under the delegated authority of the MEDCOM HCA, ensuring that the acquisition and assistance agreement processes are performed in accordance with applicable regulations, supplements and directives; and ensuring surveillance over their performance.

Director - MCMR-AAZ- A

      The Office of the Director, USAMRAA, provides direct oversight and guidance as necessary to ensure acquisition and assistance agreement business solutions are provided to its customers.

Chief of Staff - MCMR-AAP

      Provides overall staff support to the PARC and all PARC functions and to the USAMRAA Director and all USAMRAA policy functions.

Chief, Business Operations - MCMR-AAA

      Oversees the contracting and assistance agreement functions for the PARC/Director. Plans, directs, and supervises the acquisition and assistance agreement processes.

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